Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Neidenbach Wedding

John & Patricia(who is a Brazilian beauty) have been married for a few months, and they were actually having a reception for their friends and family here is GA. I have known John and his family for a while, back in the high school days, and they are just wonderful people and always have so much fun. This place was a vineyard in Dahlonega was so gorgeous! I could take pictures there all day and plus it was awesome that I had two beautiful people who naturally just knew what to do with out really any instructions from me! They really look so happy and in love, and it was so cute to see him look at her and be so in love with her! The scenery and the sunset were so beautiful and I got a few sunset pics! Also, the toast from his sister and brother was the best one I have EVER heard at a wedding to date! It was priceless! Thanks for having me do this for you guys and good seeing yall!

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