Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ian & Rowan

These boys are so cute and I just love Ian! He came to me about a year ago and he had this platinum blond hair, but a year later his hair is getting darker and he is getting older, but he is so handsome! Also I think my John john found a friend and he is actually asking about the "little boy who has his birthday on mine-October 28th." Thanks for coming and sorry this sneak peek is late. I have had a crazy week and wedding this weekend! But now I am caught up and doing a sneak peek and also put your pics online at the same time too...sorry about that! You guys have some cute boys and it was a fun session and even though we had a few bumps during the session, but we got through them and I got some cute shots I think! Got that chair shot you were wanting! Enjoy them!


Prudence said...

Awwww....they are so durn cute!

Elizabeth Wells-White said...

The boys are so HANDSOME Amy Lou. Ian is a big boy now! I love Rowan's blue eyes. Thanks for sharing. Lizzie Lou