Thursday, April 30, 2009


He is a handsome boy! I LOVE his baby blues and he was just a happy baby! I love happy babies and I think 6 months is my FAVORITE to "shoot" out of everything I do! Isn't his swimming trunks so cute and those sunglasses! He is just a handsome guy and has some awesome parents!!


Such a sweet lil girl! And alert! Madison has some AWESOME parents and a cool story of how hard they get her here! She feel asleep for a little bit and then she was wide awake for the rest of the session! She is such a sweet spirit! Isn't her sleeping pic just so dang cute and those cute pudgy lips! Thanks for coming!


What a gorgeous mom and a cute couple! Isn't she just glowing! They are having a baby boy and naming him Matthew....Good Luck! Enjoy!

For Brandon

Just one for you....


What a cute little guy! He was running EVERYWHERE and we had to chase him. He also would crack a handful of smiles, but I got some cute ones of him! I was excited to go to this families home to take pics, because they live out in the "country" part of Gainesville. They have a lot of land and pretty scenery! They also had these cute puppies and a tire swing-2 pictures posted in an earlier post! It was perfect! Thanks for letting me come over and I hope you like them!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sofia, Sebestian & Gavin

So sorry about not posting on here lately.....I am finally catching up from a fun weekend of hanging out with my 2 boys and not really working at all! It was much needed and I rarely have a weekend off, so I did it before wedding season MAY!!

These are my cousin kids and so dang cute!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


OMG! Too CUTE! Jaxson was just a flirt and I LOVE his blue eyes! He was just so smiley and his dad would just shake his baseball cap and he would just grin from ear to ear....the simplest things in life! I love it! Also his creative parents came with some cute items too, they had this cute idea to do like the Tom Cruise "Risky Business." The white button up, sunglasses, and underwear, but in his case it was a diaper! Isn't it too CUTE! I love it! I hope you like them and they are just about done and thanks for coming!


Just wanted to share these from a session I have was way to cute not to share! More to come!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mary Lynn

What a darling little girl! Mary Lynn is so cute! She was a HAM in front of the camera. She didn't care for my lights flashing. She would close her eyes or squint really hard and then open them after the flash went off-there's a cute pic below of her doing this. She was so smiley and teething! Thanks for coming!


I went to Dallas with my 2 boys a few weeks ago for Spring Break and I am finally coming around to finishing them! I took pics of my adorable niece and her 2 boyfriends in Dallas! They are cuties! And a few of my lil guys when they would allow me to take pics of them!