Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny Friday!

This is so funny just cracks me up!! Love Mark Wahlberg....


This little guy had a TON, I mean a TON of energy. When he first came he was shy as can be and wouldn't leave his mom's side, so we got a few family pics and then he started eye balling the tricycle. Then he opened up and was running all over and wouldn't stay in one place for more than a few minutes. We bribed with candy, cracker, mimi, and bubbles-so some worked and some didn't. His mom was trying everything too just to get him to look at me and smile, she even put on daddy's fireman outfit. Well, I think we did get a bunch of cute ones that will just let his 2 year old personality shine through! Thanks for coming and I just love the crying one and him throwing the football at me....priceless!!


This little girl just looks like a doll! And she has the cutest outfits ever! I have been doing her pics since she was born and now she is 1. Time sure flies....She is such a sweetie and I will be missing her cute face.....she need a brother or sister so she can come back more often...LOL! Her mom is just so wonderful and finds the cutest things ever! The outfits were handmade and she went all out and did the cute 1st birthday props! Love it! My mom, Judy Wangemann, made the birthday hat and bib! Cute, huh...and she can make you one too! Blakely come back soon! I just love your personality and cuteness!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This cutie is Avery! I took pictures of her and her family last year around the same time for Christmas and she was for sure less mobile then! Now she is a runner, talker and miss Independent! She still looks the same, but just a little older, her big blue eyes and cute baby face! She is such a cutie! We had fun going around Gainesville for different spots and trying to get her jitters out-get her fun personality to shine, which it for sure did! My favorite picture is mom and dad kissing and she just ran right in front of my camera, I wish she was looking though, but it is still priceless and so funny! I have a bunch that I want to show, but here are a few! Enjoy!

Also, FYI to all my patient clients....I am finally done with Birthdays for the year, so now I am catching up and on top of things, so be looking for your pictures on line very soon! Thanks for being so patient with me! I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My baby is 5!

How sad....time sure flies I never thought I would have a 5 year old so quickly. It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital for the first time, watching him take his first steps, saying his first words, or trying to get him potty trained, but now he is a big 5 year old that has grown too fast before our eyes. John has grown up so much this last year, 4 to 5 was such a HUGE maturing stage in his life! He is our goofy silly boy who loves attention and he makes us laugh so much, but he also makes us cry. He is just growing up too fast-I was actually kind of sad(& proud) the other day when we were working on reading and he said he didn't want my help anymore, "I can do it by myself"...he is a big boy now!

Here is a 5 year old pic I took of him a few weeks ago and I will post more later, especially of his birthday party at Monkey Joe's yesterday, which was a blast!! I just wanted to share his AWESOME cake made by Amanda Dunn(her link is on the right side-SWEETPIES's). John loved it so much he and his buddy Caz snuck into the party room and took a chunk out of the side of the cake and ate all the parts to it! Thanks to all our family and friends who came to share this monumental birthday with us! Happy Birthday John John....We love you!


Hannah I know you have been patient with me about these pics, so here are a few for you! These little guys are the twins on my front page of my site....boy have they grown! And their personalities are totally different! What cuties! Check out the matching cute, they match!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This little guy has such a big story....I took his mom's maternity pics a month+ ago and then a week or so later she was having her baby(which I swore she looked like she wasn't going to last until her due date). She was not due until election day in November, but he was born 5 weeks early and spent 10 days in the NICU until his little body could finally come out and handle this big world. He was 3 weeks when he came and saw me and he was still a little guy. His name is Hartwell, but they call him Hart, which I just love! He is a handsome thing and his daddy is a local fireman and he brought some great props, which I love! Even though it was a stinky jacket, we figure out how to make it work! Thanks for coming and he is just a handsome thing! Enjoy!

Look at his cute little hands!

Friday, October 24, 2008

For you Kelly!

Here is a shot for you....I know you are dying to see them! Isn't she a doll! Love the dress too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brandi + Andrew

I have been busy with engagements! Love them! Well, this couple was so much fun and had me laughing so many times through out the whole session! And they probably would do anything I told them to......JK! They are getting married in June 09 and they wanted to get their engagements done soon, so we said lets go for it! I found out that Brandi and I have some things in being a daring driver! I took them on a tour of Gainesville and they were loving it and I almost had them convinced to move up here! I was so happy she wore flats/flip flops, so I could get that jumping shot I really have been wanting to turned out way cute! I just love engagements, I could do them all the time! I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I know you have been waiting to see these! Thanks for making me laugh and cant wait for the crazy wedding in JUNE! LOL!!!

Misty + Bill

Misty is a long time friend of my siblings and some of my other friends, and she meet her handsome man, Bill, through a work presentation. It is such a cute story, she was giving an insurance presentation at his work, and it was love at first site for him and he had to know more. She got an email later on and he had email her asking her out, and had no questions about the presentation! It's cute when the guy does the chasing! That is how it should be! They were so cute and really warmed up to me quick and each other, I really didn't have to give too much direction, except to their dog....LOL! But we did get a hand full good shots with him! Well, hope this lives up to what you wanted and I wish I could come to Costa Rica with you! Enjoy and they will be up soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Braydon was just an alert little guy! He was handsome and had the most clear perfect baby skin. He was a good baby, but when he knew he was done he told us! When he was naked he was wide awake and alert, but when mom put clothes on him he was a sleeper. He really didn't want to be naked, it was funny, but I think I got some cute awake naked shots of him! And this was my first Tennessee fans to come in, I have had tons of Georgia Bulldogs fans and Georgia tech, but now I am venturing out of the state!! Thanks for bringing him! He is a sweetie!