Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brandi + Andrew

I have been busy with engagements! Love them! Well, this couple was so much fun and had me laughing so many times through out the whole session! And they probably would do anything I told them to......JK! They are getting married in June 09 and they wanted to get their engagements done soon, so we said lets go for it! I found out that Brandi and I have some things in being a daring driver! I took them on a tour of Gainesville and they were loving it and I almost had them convinced to move up here! I was so happy she wore flats/flip flops, so I could get that jumping shot I really have been wanting to turned out way cute! I just love engagements, I could do them all the time! I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I know you have been waiting to see these! Thanks for making me laugh and cant wait for the crazy wedding in JUNE! LOL!!!

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Gabe & Hannah said...

Nice update to the where's some pictures of my babies!! LOL