Monday, October 13, 2008


Cole was such a HAM and has some awesome baby BLUES!! He was so good for me and the camera for a good 20 minutes(which is REALLY good & unusual for his age) and then he spotted the tricycle, trucks, and other toys-and like any other little guy he was off to play! He is a handsome little guy and his mom came with the cutest stuff...chairs, toys, balls, and clothes. She wanted a pic of her little guy with his paci and blankie before he becomes a "big boy" and has to get rid of the paci. I Love it and will have to do that for my little guy when he gets older-because we are attached to our paci!! There was a funny thing that his parents did, they would start fake kissing on each other and he would get so mad and start pushing dad or just scream at them, it was hilarious! He was fun and we did both studio and outdoors-we got a bunch of cute ones at both spots! Enjoy these and thanks for coming!

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