Friday, February 27, 2009

Funny Friday!

I saw Madea goes Jail last week and it was HILARIOUS! I TOTALLY recommend this movie and Tyler Perry is a genius! I love all his movies! Here is a clip from his play....Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

...And Pull Tight!

I have been so busy with family, business, church, life, etc....and this week I had 2 sessions canceled due to sick kiddos, so I made time to take pics and blog about my life! It has been a long time since I have written any thing about what my family has been up to lately! Well.....

John is more than half way through PreK and he loves it! I am so happy he is in there, and he has some AWESOME teachers! He can do and has learned so many things in PreK and at the end of this month he will be able to register for Kindergarten, and for some reason I am nervous! He has grown up so fast and has become a gentlemen...he has come a long way! One thing that I wanted to document was him learning to tie his shoes, he has been doing it since before Christmas, but he is a MASTER (double knot)at it now. He use to always ask for help and now he says "I don't need help, mama." Such a big boy! Teaching him to tie his shoes was hard for me, I would rather teach a child to read than tie his shoes any day! Sometimes I can hear him mumble under his breathe while he is tying his shoes...."the bunny goes around the tree and through the borrow and Pull Tight." (yes I stole it from a movie, but it works) I just love him so much!

Blake on the other hand.....he is just about 18months and acts like he is in his terrible twos already. I can't get anything done during the day and that is why I am up posting emailing at 1am. I am sitting at my computer and he is either under my feet, wanting to sit on my lap, or THROWING things at me. He sure does have an arm and wants to throw at the dinner table, toys, anything he can get his hands on! I was trying to work one day and he was throwing toys up and down the stairs and I just let him do it because it allowed me to get what I needed to get done! I also documented the mess....He is coming out of his shell and for sure has a personality so different from John. He is still my lil cuddle bug!

Well, I need to make it a goal to take more pics of my family and my kids....I know I will regret it in the future if I don't get back in the habit of doing that, so I am going to make that a goal! I am going to try to post something about my family each week....or maybe every other week...monthly...LOL! I am just going to try to get something up more than I use to! Enjoy and I have more sessions I need to work on and post up and wedding season is starting to creep up on me very soon!! Oh and thanks for looking at my blog, even though no one comments-RUDE! LOL!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Friday & out of town!

I am out of town until Monday, so if you email me I will get back to you as soon as I can! Enjoy this!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Turns ONE! She is such a doll and so petite, she looks so little that she shouldnt be walking yet!! This family is just so sweet and I love seeing them! Brandi was excitied to do the 1st Birthday pics and I was excitied when I saw the tutu, cake plate, and the fun embriodered stuff she brought me! She brought me the COOOLEST MOST AWESOMEST monogramming stuff...I need to post pics they are the coolest tumblers & sippys ever! I just love them, her link is on the right side Doodle Bug embroidery! Back to Kynsliegh...well she was not wanting to take pics, we seemed to fly through the outfits and when the cake came up she was happy as a lark! Don't you just love the tutu in the smash the cake pics, her mom is so creative! Happy 1st Birthday Kynsleigh!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emily & Jasper

These two are just so well mannered and so sweet! Jasper is a lil man now and in love! He was talking about this much older girlfriend and he sure did have a twinkle in his eye when he would talk about for sure helped the smiles come out & his cute dimple!! Emily she is on the move! Little miss Pris and so beautiful! I just love her smile so contagious! Thanks for coming on your day off and John John keeps asking about Jasper, so come back soon to play next time! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peyton & Lindsey

So much FUN! That is all I have to say! These girls had some personality and colorful tights-LOVE IT!!! Also this family had some gorgeous eyes & long eyelashes! Peyton was the oldest and she was so smart and semi shy at first, but miss Lindsey was just a social butterfly! It was fun telling them to pose a certain way or do something because the girls would just naturally do it before I finished my sentence! It is so much fun and nice doing outdoor sessions finally, the weather was awesome, still a chill in the air, but we got it done! Hope you like them! Enjoy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Friends!

How fun! These moms have been best friends for I don't know how long...elementary school maybe? Leslie called me up because Ansley and Katie were coming back to Gainesville to visit and it is rare that they get together like this. So, I came out to take pictures of them and their growing families. They have the cutest kids, and I am so in love with Ben and Ellie(I have photographed them many times before), but is was nice to see Ansley's little Hagan(3 months-she is such a little doll) and Katie's lil Jack(9 months-who has so much personality). Their families are so darling, nice and funny! There are a TON of pics that I am going through, so here is a LARGE showcase for you! Hope you guys enjoy them!