Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Friends!

How fun! These moms have been best friends for I don't know how long...elementary school maybe? Leslie called me up because Ansley and Katie were coming back to Gainesville to visit and it is rare that they get together like this. So, I came out to take pictures of them and their growing families. They have the cutest kids, and I am so in love with Ben and Ellie(I have photographed them many times before), but is was nice to see Ansley's little Hagan(3 months-she is such a little doll) and Katie's lil Jack(9 months-who has so much personality). Their families are so darling, nice and funny! There are a TON of pics that I am going through, so here is a LARGE showcase for you! Hope you guys enjoy them!


Jenny and Kelsey said...

Friends are so much fun! :) Those pictures turned out amazing!

Josie said...

Love, Love, LOVE these!! We can't wait to ge tour pics done with you, which btw we need to get scheduled! ;)