Wednesday, February 4, 2009


He is 9 months! I just love seeing kids every 3 months!! It is so much fun to see them grow up and change so much in just a few months, but Brody seems to be consistent! He is a handsome guy, but he still has his same look, pudgy belly, big blue eyes, but this time it seems as though he looks like a "little man." He just looks grown up and he is still his handsome mellow happy Brody self! Amber you have a handsome guy on your hands and so laid back, which is a plus, and you better watch out for him in the future...lil heart breaker!! Oh....check out this cool UGA toy that mom redid & painted and added the G on it! Daddy went to UGA! She is so creative! Thanks for making the trek out my way this time! See ya in 3 months! LOL!

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