Tuesday, December 30, 2008

out SICK

I have been sick with something and both my kids too. So I am still here, but in the bed answering emails from my cell phone.....sorry about this, but I really want to get better so I can party through the 2009 NEW YEAR! LOL! I am feeling a heck of a lot better today though! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here is a pic of John getting his favorite gift from Santa....a DS game. He loved and kissed that thing...it was so hilarious & cute!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funny Friday

I almost forgot about this.......Christmas through me off on what day it was! Well, this is something I saw when we were in Miami, just a crazy video! Enjoy!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Charlotte Amelia is her real name, but they call he Lottie for short, but isn't she just a doll! They wanted me to come to their house before Christmas to take some holiday pictures and their gorgeous house! This house was about 100 years old and they moved into it this last year-and it took them just about a year to remodel it. It is a BEAUTIFUL house-it took my breath away! I love everything about it, the real hard wood floors, modeling, dark wood, 13 fireplaces, and their antique/vintage style. I LOVE IT! Enough about the house....now cute Lottie, she was just a trooper and she was so comfy in her home! Her bed room is to die for, full of books, family heirlooms, and cool art-I keep going back to the house....sorry!! Well, what a lucky girl!! Here are a few of my faves out of many!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I love doing Christmas Cards and so far we haven't missed a year of having a Christmas card, but I will be honest I was getting nervous about it this year-I thought I was going to miss it! I had this idea for a while and just trying to find time to actually do it was the problem. So I picked a day and I didn't take my son to school for the day,so I could get the truck/outside pics done. And of course the day I picked it was raining and gloomy all day, but we found a break of weather and got it done, John was a great model for me, but Blake....not so much! He wasn't in the mood! Well, here is the Migalla Christmas Card! We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! God Bless!

FYI: I have some sessions I need to post online, but I am taking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for Family time(I am trying to force my self away from the computer), so give me a few more days and I will post them on my blog and online soon and that goes for emails too!! I will be in touch soon! Thanks for understanding!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Boys!

We finally did our Christmas Card shoot at the last minute and here is what I got....My little models! Blake wasn't in the best mood that day, but John did what ever I asked him to! I was really happy about Johns pics, but I might have to redo Blake's because he wasnt wanting pictures take that day! I REALLY want really some of these printed BIG-Gallery WRAP!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Funny Friday!

Since I missed last week being out of town I put 2 up....the first one is for all the hubby's watch closely!

The second one....it's for ADULTS ONLY!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lisa & Tom

Back from my trip-it was good and relaxing but too short....Ok, I am done with Christmas sessions & cards, and then I thought I could rest for a while and prop my feet up and vegge for a few days....but whoops I have a wedding to finish editing!

Yep, in the middle of all this crazy Christmas stuff going on, yes I did a wedding.....crazy me, but it was fun!! But this wedding was CRAZY! It was not only a crazy day of bad rainy weather and the darkest night ever, but she had some crazy guests....that is a good thing, because they were fun to watch! Their guests were dancing the night away! Lisa and Tom have known each other for a long time and finally tied the knot. Their wedding was beautiful and they had some awesome food! I loved their chocolate bar and the Shrimp & grits...YUM! Here are a few from the wedding! Lots of pics....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Off to Miami........

I am off to Miami in the AM-hubby has a convention to go to for the weekend and I am closed for business until Monday Dec 15th. So last minute Christmas orders can still be sumbmitted online, but I will not get back to you until Monday (most likely-I might try to check my email while I am down there, but then again maybe not). But I am going to try to enjoy a few days with just my hubby, no kids, no work, no computer, and maybe a walk on the beach--if we have time, hopefully! But before I go enjoy this picture of my Blake....my ROCKSTAR!


I am in love! Seriously, this little guys is so stinkin cute! He has beautiful skin, eyelashes, eyes, face...he is just so handsome I cant get over it! His mom is so gorgeous too, love that picture of them! He was seriously a great baby, his mom would hold him tight and rock him and he was out and she was like oh he will be out for a while and she wasn't lying. I could just about move him where ever and he was still sleeping. I love the Santa hat one of him sleeping all curled up, would make a great Christmas card! Hope you like them! Thanks for coming!

Coker Family

TWINS again! This is my 4th set of twins in a month! I am not sure what is going on, but I love it. They were fun and I just love twins-I don't think I could have any of my own, but I love to take pictures of them! These girls are so cute and look so much alike! I just love their blue eyes, they are gorgeous! Their older sister also is beautiful and I love her curly hair! It was funny the dad was commenting on having all women in his house, and I just love to hear stories about the opposite life of me. I wonder what it would be like with all women in the house and a dad.....crazy or is it, well I will never know! Thanks for coming!


What a sweet baby! She as 4 weeks and wide awake! She dozed off in the beginning for a little bit, but then woke up! She is so pretty! Her mommy and I went to the same high school so it was nice to catch up and see how her and her family was doing, even though her sister lives down my street. I think baby season is hitting again, it comes in spurts! I have a few more baby sessions to show you soon! So cute! Thanks for coming!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Batman the Dark Knight....

There have been a lot of people blogging about some recent movies that they are in love with, like Twilight, so I will be a BIG dork and blog about this one because it comes out tonight at midnight and I LOVE it, saw it 3 times in the theater! And yes we wil be getting one! I kind of grew up with this movie and my brothers loved batman-so they are to blame! I can remember the first one and watching it over and over and over again, you would think I would be sick of it. So with each one that came out we watched it all the time. When the Dark Knight came out, I was sooooo excited. I have to say this is the BEST Batman to date(in my opinion), if you haven't seen it, DO! It is worth it! The late Heath Ledger is so good in this movie it is crazy and the Joker is crazy! The only negative in the movie is Batman's voice-too over done, but I over looked that! Well, everyone RENT it tomorrow it comes out and lookout for the COOLEST Magic trick ever......hee hee!

Oh and get a Blu Ray player ASAP....totally worth it!

Tristyn & Jackson

These kids were CRAZY....no really they weren't at all-but they were full of energy! They loved everything I had-toys, flower, tutus, hats, etc....they wanted to see it all! They were really fun and I did actually enjoy this session, even though mom and dad didn't too much! You guys have some beautiful children. I just love Jackson's lips and how he puckered them a little-almost to give himself some cheek bones! Miss Tristyn, she looks so innocent and girly! Hope you like them and thanks for coming!