Monday, December 1, 2008

Jaden & Cohen

Don't you just love their names? I actually just adore this family! They have been one of the NICEST people I have ever meet! The dad is a pastor for this cute little country church in Braselton, and I finally got a chance to come see the growth and the area around it. It is really so cute and pretty!! Their boys are just so cute! Jaden is the oldest and a grown up boy at that and Cohen he is just so cute & all personality! They are fully of energy and words, they love to talk! Thanks for letting me come to you for pics and you coming to me! Oh, and the little girl is Sadie, she is their cousin, and was there that day playing, so I had to take a few pics of her....check out her BLUE glassy eyes, gorgeous! Oh and the kissing cousin pics, black mail for the future! LOL! (Oh and I have a ton of pics for that is why it has taken me longer to get these up-and I am crazy busy this time of the year!)


Sharon said...

Of course I love them!!! I wasn't sure if you would even have time to do the sneak peak with the holidays and I know you are CRAZY busy! Thanks for including "Sadie Bug" in some of the pics! They are ADORABLE!!! We appreciate you and love what you do! The Prickett's!

M Crew said...

Wonderful pictures! I saw that church and knew which one it was immediately. I go by it a lot going to the parents.