Sunday, November 30, 2008

Allen, Lindsey & Siren

I have known these two since 14 years old or maybe younger...not even sure, but a long time, and they are both from great people! They are a fun couple and they love their dogs-really any animals, toys (jeeps, trucks, etc...), and the outdoors! Siren is a beautiful American Bulldog, which we actually have 2, and thanks to our good friends Parker & Tammie who helped us fall in love with this breed! Isn't she Beautiful! Thanks for coming to Gainesville for these painless pics!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! Allen and Linds look so awesome! Glad to see some pics of Siren, too!

Got any I can borrow for my website? of coarse credit will be given to the artiste! :)

Great job as always girl!