Friday, November 21, 2008


Jackson's parents came a good month ago to get their maternity pics done and didn't want to know what they were having, so they were so excitied when they were told they just had a boy! Well, this little guy was so awake for 10 days old! He wouldn't go to sleep for us too long, but only at the beginning of the session. He is such a handsome fellow, with all that dark hair! Jackson was a pretty strong lil guy for being a newbie to the world, I was so amazed at how long he could keep his head held up, I swear it was a good 2 minutes. He is such a sweetie and this stocking was too cute! Congrats you guys!


Samantha DeBoer said...

Oh my goodness! I know her! :) I can't believe how many photography sessions you have from people of my childhood! You're so amazing!!

Jeanette Pirkle said...

They look so good! You did a GREAT job, especially considering how fussy he was. Thank goodness for those hiccups! :-) Thanks again for everything!