Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Isn't he so handsome! This session was so quick, easy, and fun! He was all smiles and really not one bit of fussing! He was so alert and knew his name and where I was at all times. It was fun to change it up a bit and go to someone house and take pictures, especially when it is such a gorgeous house and they have tons of items to use in pictures! His grandma was there too to help, she and mom got his personality to shine! Brody is just a little ham and check out his chunky thighs & belly, and he just loved playing with his feet! He is such a cutie! Thanks Amber!


Amber said...

I am so excited to see the rest of them...they cam out better than i had hoped!!! Thanks again Heidi

Clint and Mary said...

Wow!!! Those are great! I love him sitting on the hutch...even though it makes me nervous!:)

JeNece said...

Soooo Cute!!! His eyes are beautiful. Chunky babies are adorable...or Healthy babies to be politically correct :-) I am glad I have a chunky one too!