Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tyler, Skyler, Madalyn, Britlyn & Brooklyn

Don't you just love the names and all these girls, poor Tyler! This clan of 5 came and I really was thinking uhh-oh, but it turned out great! These kids held it together, listened to their parents and we got it done! They are such a cute family and their mom has some great taste in clothes and hair accessories, which I think she makes! The twin girls are just so petite and so opposite in personality and many other ways! They are just so darling, and don't you just love the Santa Baby on their bums? Cute! I am finally getting into the holiday mood now! Boy this year has flown by! Enjoy!


Gabe & Hannah said...

Sarah- Holy Cow- your girls are getting so big. They all look so darling. I love the pictures of the twins- I have not seen them in a while- they are all alert and everything now. I'm so glad Heid posted your pics because that means she must be close to posting mine since we came in a few days later...right Heidi! :) LOL- but I am waiting patiently- great pictures though. After the cold season we will have to get your 2 girls and my 2 boys together for a play date- that would be so cute! And Maddie and Ella could play too.

Whitmire Family said...

This is my best friend Allison's family! She told me that you took their pictures..they turned out so cute! I told Allison she should call you to do her maternity pics in a few months.