Wednesday, November 19, 2008

McFarland Family

This family is good friends of ours and have been great friends to us! Aren't they just so beautiful and I think they are all glowing, because they are expecting a BOY in their family! I cant wait to see him! Lindsey and Brittney are such posers and Bonnie, I think I see a "twinkle" in your eyes! Well, we did these pics late in the day and it was getting dark fast, so we were moving fast and on top of that it was getting really cold! So, I think we did these pics in less than 20 minutes. Ronnie having the good eye found a new spot at this park that I take pictures there a zillion times, how did I not see these steps? I hope you like them and I just love Zoey's face just staring at me with that look of "I don't think so...." Such a Beautiful Family!

Miss Personality!

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Jenny and Kelsey said...

Hi Heidi this is Jenny's partner Kelsey. I just had to say that you are so very talented. I love to look at your website just to see all of the wonderful photographs that you take. You have such a unique style and it is just absolutely amazing to me.