Sunday, September 28, 2008

Engagement Session

Had to post one for you guys...just a teaser! There are some good ones and cant wait to put them up! Congrats on the engagement, so awesome!! So sorry about the battery bad! See ya again soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny Friday!

In case you missed it! I think it is so funny that Tina fey looks and sounds so much like Palin. It is pretty funny!

I have a bunch of posts that I am putting up from the past week or so. So check them out below!

Hanna, Paige, and Karie

These girls were GIRLS-sisters and cousins! It makes me jealous when I have such cute girls that come over that I can photographer, I really want one of my own(not anytime soon)....but only to take pics of! Hanna was just a little angel and so cute! Karie, I cant believe she is so grown and turning into a little lady! And Little miss Paige made us work, she was hard to break the ice, but she eventually came around after I pulled out the gum! Dawn I think she should market these umbrellas as a model because she is so dang cute....I would buy one from her! Thanks for bringing in such cute items, I LOVE it when the parents think outside the box and bring in some extra things and the cutest clothes...LOVE IT! Thanks for coming and we did get a BUNCH of cute ones! Enjoy!

Jack & Eli

Mary & her family came all the way from California just to see me.....right!?!?! I wish, and it sounds good (LOL), but every time they come into town to visit family they seem to make time to come and see me and I appreciate a TON! It was so nice to see you and your growing family! Your boys are so cute and growing up! I cant believe that we both have 2 boys and it seems like yesterday we were chasing boys at church! Well, you caught an awesome Clint)! Just wanted to give you a sneak peek before you go home! Good seeing y'all...come back soon!

Henson Wedding

This is by far one of my favorite weddings! It was so relaxing, good company, great scenery, good food, and plus my hubby came along for the whole ride with me through the whole wedding! I love destination weddings! This was a relaxed nice wedding and the people were fun to hang with! The family got a trolley to bus people back and froth from the reception to the beach, it was a great idea and fun(my first trolley ride)! The bride and groom were so cute together and had a fun wedding party! The girls were wonderful and had great personalities and the guys got off to a slow start because they were enjoying the beach too much! We got some great shots of the whole thing and I have over 1500 pics to edit....TONS of work to do! Enjoy these few pics!


All these one year old boys! Crazy! My Blakey has some good friends to choose from one day, and girlfriends! Ginny, Devon is a cutie and he might be trouble for you one day....with the girls! He was so happy and smiley! He was a big ham and he is for sure your child....cant deny him!! Him and his sissy look a lot alike! I just love the tie look on him-good looking missionary one day! Oh and he was all up in his cupcake with both hands devouring it and all I could see was a little bit of his eyes, it was so funny to watch! It was good hanging with you sing RENT songs and watching the movie----SEASONS of LOVE! Well, I will have them up soon and thanks for coming!


This little guy was turning one and he was running all over! It took a little warming up and I think when the cake was infront of him he was ready for pics! The funny thing was he was a talker and already talking back....that is saying "NO." He was so cute and energetic! He would not be in one place for more than a few seconds. I think I got some cute ones and I know we got our workout that morning!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, I am back to life and reality...I have a lot of work to do! Tybee Island is a beautiful and unique place. It was a first for John and I. We were only there for 2 days, but one of the days I had a wedding. So we didn't get too much time to scope out the area. But from what we saw and ate it was pretty good! But I really liked Savannah alot....the trees hanging over the streets, parks almost at every street, Cool old buildings/homes, the art in the area, and just the feel to it, I liked it a lot! I hope to go again, but next time longer so we can see and do more. One thing I really wanted to do was to eat at Paula Deen's Restaurant. We went on Sunday on our way back home and I guess she has buffet only on that day. So we were forced to eat that, it was really good, but I was wanting to try a dish on the menu. Oh well, next time we are down there! Kristy & Ryan thanks so much for having me as a photographer, I had so much fun and your families are so nice! Also, the Truelove Key lime cupcakes were to DIE FOR!! Here is a pic my husband actually took....not too bad...I just might have to hire him! I will post more soon! I put an artsie twist on it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Friday!

I don't remember who I was talking to about this video the other day, but I had to dig it up and I am sure a lot of you have seen it already, but it makes me laugh so hard every time I see it! Just wanted to share and I think I might start a Funny Friday video trend on my blog-give you some funny laughs for the weekend. I found so many funny videos lately!

Also, a personal note! Melody, my sister, had her baby girl! Laney Reece Hunley born 9-18-2008 @ 1:09pm 9lbs 6oz and 19inches long and a head of blond hair! And I am sure she is dang cute, and I hope they send pics soon! Melody is doing good-really tired she has a story to tell!

I am off to Tybee Island this weekend for a wedding, and I will get back to you sometime and if you email me please be patient and I will get back to you sometime this weekend if possible or Monday when I am back to home!


Emily, I was downloading this session and I couldn't get away from it, I had to proof a few to show you how cute she is in her outfit and the tutu & cute flower hats(made by the awesome LaShea Mann). She is so cute and the tutu gives her that French appeal! Love it! There are a BUNCH more that we got even though you thought she was distracted by the balloons! She did really good and she is a poser! Happy Birthday to her and it was good seeing you guys again! Enjoy them!

Maelyn & Paisley

There have been a lot of little girls who are turning one come around here lately....more for my Blake to pick and choose from in the future! Well, these girls are just gorgeous! They have the best curly hair, big eyelashes, cutest smiles ever, and the best personalities! Their mom brought some cute colorful clothes and props for them! They were so cute on the horses and they had a blast just playing around! Thanks for bringing them and Happy Birthday to both of you!