Friday, September 19, 2008

JT & Madison

Ok, a first for me happened on this shoot.......I got peed on. Usually the parent gets peed and poo poo on, not me! It is a first in my photographing career. I was just shooting away and got too close and I guess I was in his way! It was funny! Thanks a lot JT! Well, check out this HAIR! Alicia you have some dang cute kids! They are so cute and they totally look alike! He is such a good baby and Miss Madison is so much personality! Watch out for her! Thanks for coming over!


Alicia said...

Those are great! I absolutely love them and can't wait to see the rest! You catch Madison at the best moments! Thanks Abunch!

Gabe & Hannah said...

I mean...I just love those dang adorable kids...they are TOO cute! That's the first time I've seen them togther! cute!