Friday, September 26, 2008

Hanna, Paige, and Karie

These girls were GIRLS-sisters and cousins! It makes me jealous when I have such cute girls that come over that I can photographer, I really want one of my own(not anytime soon)....but only to take pics of! Hanna was just a little angel and so cute! Karie, I cant believe she is so grown and turning into a little lady! And Little miss Paige made us work, she was hard to break the ice, but she eventually came around after I pulled out the gum! Dawn I think she should market these umbrellas as a model because she is so dang cute....I would buy one from her! Thanks for bringing in such cute items, I LOVE it when the parents think outside the box and bring in some extra things and the cutest clothes...LOVE IT! Thanks for coming and we did get a BUNCH of cute ones! Enjoy!

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Dawn Skelton said...

Thanks Heidi for working with us! You do such a great job....even when Paige makes it tough. You are so sweet and patient. You're the best!!!! :-) - The Skeltons