Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Incident

Ok, so I have permission to show and tell this story, but after looking at the pic I dont think I need to tell the story--But I will anyways! So, I asked Taylor's mom to throw him in the air a little for a pic. She did and I think probably the first throw, he decided to throw up and where did it fall??? In her mouth....It was so gross, yet so funny at the same time! I think that something like this has happened to each of us moms at one point in our motherhood lives, but it might not have fallen in our mouths, but I am sure it has fallen close! So check out the pic and I think it is a memorable/funny hilliarous moment! And I am glad I caught it! Ha Ha Ha!

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Gabe & Hannah said...

That is so sick and I have so been there...I mean what do you's part of it. That is funny you caught it on camera!!! Anytime that kid is giving mom a hard time later in life she can pull out that picture and be like- hey you owe me because not only did I carry you and birth you- you threw up IN my mouth.