Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Seriously....Check out this 1 year old cutie! I have been having a ton of cute little girls, I think they come in packs. Anna was so full of energy, running everywhere, and so happy! Anna's mom really wanted to do the 1 year old cake pics and so she brought in the cutest birthday outfit, cake, balloons, and present! But that cake was so freaking amazing..check out that cake. It was a cupcake, a big one. She made it and I was just so amazed at the talent!! She had also brought some cute things for her little one to have in the pics and play with! I really love it when they bring in things that add a personal touch! Happy Birthday Anna and enjoy all your birthdays this week!


Evan, Hilarie & Allie said...

How did she get her not to dive into that cake!

Gabe & Hannah said...

SO ADORABLE! I can't believe that Anna is already 1 year old! Man- time does fly by...great pictures.

Renee said...

You did such a great job Heidi! I cannot wait to see the final result!! Thanks so much for making her one year mark so memorable!