Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurrican Ike

OK, I know there has been a storm brewing for a good week or more that is head straight towards Texas, but honestly it didn't hit me until today how serious this is. This is a LARGE storm with high winds and a lot of rain, so it could be a big deal. But on a personal note, my sister, Melody, lives there in Houston and is pregnant and due today! She and her hubby are riding it out in their home. She is only dilated to a 1, which doesn't mean too much, but if she was like my first baby she probably has a week left, which makes me feel a little better--but again doesn't mean much! But she also lives with a doctor who brought a birthing kit home with him just in case she does have her baby and they are literally a hop, skip and jump away from the hospital. So she is in a good situation, hopefully! She is having a girl, Laney Reece. So please pray for her and their safety. I hope and pray that this storm won't effect them at all or anyone in that area. So please Pray for her and everyone else in that area! Thanks so much!

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Megan and James said...

FYI...I got this text from Melody this morning (morning after Ike hit): 'We survived the intense night-we are fine-no baby yet-thank goodness. We have no power but water-streets flooded and wind damage, but all is well luv u2'...thank goodness she is fine, my parents are with out water and power but are safe...all is well!