Friday, September 19, 2008


Emily, I was downloading this session and I couldn't get away from it, I had to proof a few to show you how cute she is in her outfit and the tutu & cute flower hats(made by the awesome LaShea Mann). She is so cute and the tutu gives her that French appeal! Love it! There are a BUNCH more that we got even though you thought she was distracted by the balloons! She did really good and she is a poser! Happy Birthday to her and it was good seeing you guys again! Enjoy them!

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LaShea Mann said...

So cute! Thanks for the shout out Heidi. I hope everything's working out OK. If there's problems with anything just let me know. I got more materials in so I should have more tutus for you soon. Talk to ya soon!

P.S. Thanks for adding me on facebook!