Thursday, November 6, 2008


This little guys is a repeat customer and I just love their family of 7!! They are so sweet! Last year my John was in the same school class as his brother, so we got to know their family a little bit here and there through out the year! Well, back to Boone....what a HAM and a great listener! His mom would tell him to do something and he just looked at her with so much respect and did it with any questions or running.....and he was just 2! I was so amazed and we got these pictures done in about 30 minutes...which is rare for a 2 year old! He is a handsome guy and had the cutest cowboy boots--these boots have been through 2 older brothers! So cute! Glad to see you guys come back and hope to see you soon!!

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Beth Swenson said...

As usual, I love love love his pictures!!! I can't to see the rest.