Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Davis Family

How cute is this....all in Christmas PJs! This family is so great! I just love it when they come because they are just so sweet, well mannered, and just happy. They are just smiling all the time, joking around, and so positive! Great family! These girls are so cute and do they love their parents, especially mom....see below, how sweet! I had fun doing this session and come anytime! And you have a TON that are blog worthy!

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Shelley said...

hey fishy!!!!

thanks for finding my blog and commenting! your photos are GORGEOUS!!!! you have great talent and must have a very nice camera. i'm jealous of how you're able to get toddlers to sit still (or maybe you're not and it just appears that way...). anyways, hope all is well with you - you need a personal blog so i can see what you're up to in life!!

be sure to email me your address (home address) so i can send you a christmas card. (bloggershelley@gmail.com). and keep visiting my blog! great to hear from you!