Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I always love to hear about how people found out about me, and this one is the best so far. His mom was in the dentist office getting her teeth cleaned and a lady was showing off her granddaughter's pics that I did, and the waahla rest is history. Thanks for everyone spreading the word and talking about me....even at doctors offices!!

Well, this little guy just turned 1! He was full of life and when I pointed that camera on him he would look the other way, so I had to be fast shooting! He was a typical boy just running everywhere and wanting to see and play with everything! Also, he is a smart little guy too! He could count to 3 at the age of 1! How awesome is that? His mom is a teacher and he loves books and he will be a bright little guy! Enjoy these and thanks for coming!

Love his baby blue eyes!


Natalie Howell said...

Awesome clarity.......I am so jealous now :) Beautiful color and contrast too. Oh, and the pictures are good too LOL I have a huge family shoot on Sunday and I'm nervous. I don't know about big groups...they scare me :)

Anonymous said...

These look GREAT Heidi, THANK YOU!
The Mom

Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures! He's a relative of mine and I love him!!The NC Connection