Monday, December 8, 2008

Barnett Family

These are a few of my favorite people, not just are they a great family and friends to us, but they are the reason why I found my hubby! My hubby and Parker have been best friends for a LONG time back in Illinois, and they ventured down to GA, so long story short, they introduced us and now it is history! This family is so kind because they let us come every Thanksgiving to eat with them and they are AWESOME cooks! We can't say no! This shoot was tough because of a really cloudy day it was raining a little, but I think we managed. It was so nice to see everyone venture into town and coming to visit your Ma, good to see ya'll! Hope you like!

FYI: Oh and the picture of Parker biting Tammie's neck is her tribute to her favorite book and the movie we saw together before she read all 4 books in a week, Twilight. Glad you found you Edward! LOL!


M Crew said...

Wow. I love the picture of Tammy and Parker with the flag in the background!!

The Gomes Family said...

Great family, it is mine, Yea, Tammy and Parker. Thanks, I haven't seen my aunt Janice is a long time!