Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gracie, Jed, and Olivia

I think that my body is telling me to get some sleep because I actually fell asleep at my computer desk tonight and I am just dead tired today I guess-or lack of sleep is catching up to me, but I had to get this last post in for the Rodericks! Well, if you look below at the other post of my lil guy and his new crush here are more pics of that family! They came over for dinner and pics-it was so much fun seeing them again and playing games! I am so happy for you guys on the new promotion and the move...but you guys have to keep in touch and if you ever need a place to stay in GA you have one! Your kids are so dang cute and I just love them! Happy Birthday Olivia! Hope you have a good first bday! Good luck on selling the house(if anyone wants to move to Commerce area there is a house up there for sale!) Take care and enjoy the pics!


Gabe & Hannah said...

Gracie needs to stick around for Eli- she is beautiful!!!! I think they are right about the same age...and she just keeps getting prettier! Sad that they are moving.

The Roderick Family said...

I love all the pictures, thank you so much for getting them done for us. We are sad to be leaving too, but good to know we will have a plae to stay when we visit!

Steph and KO said...

Those kids are so cute! Wait, I may need Grace for Carson. We're all fighting over the precious girl, suitors everywhere! Our primary program is the 19th. We've had one practice. I'm in primary (suprise) teaching Rhylee/CTR 5. But, I love it! Good luck with yours!