Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Misty + Bill

Misty is a long time friend of my siblings and some of my other friends, and she meet her handsome man, Bill, through a work presentation. It is such a cute story, she was giving an insurance presentation at his work, and it was love at first site for him and he had to know more. She got an email later on and he had email her asking her out, and had no questions about the presentation! It's cute when the guy does the chasing! That is how it should be! They were so cute and really warmed up to me quick and each other, I really didn't have to give too much direction, except to their dog....LOL! But we did get a hand full good shots with him! Well, hope this lives up to what you wanted and I wish I could come to Costa Rica with you! Enjoy and they will be up soon!

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