Friday, October 31, 2008


This little girl just looks like a doll! And she has the cutest outfits ever! I have been doing her pics since she was born and now she is 1. Time sure flies....She is such a sweetie and I will be missing her cute face.....she need a brother or sister so she can come back more often...LOL! Her mom is just so wonderful and finds the cutest things ever! The outfits were handmade and she went all out and did the cute 1st birthday props! Love it! My mom, Judy Wangemann, made the birthday hat and bib! Cute, huh...and she can make you one too! Blakely come back soon! I just love your personality and cuteness!

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Jonathan & Allison said...

Blakely is a doll! I think she may be a future model with that smile.