Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arin & Jake

These two people are so special to me and many others who look on my blog, not only have I personally known Jake since he was a youngen, but he has brought Arin into our lives who has been so awesome! She is such a big sweet heart and Jake will do anything for you and he is so positive-just like everyone else in his family-I actually mentioned that to John the other day after your session. Thanks for letting me do your engagements and taking you all over town to do some crazy things and wait at the gas pump for over 20 minutes, so I could fill up for the week. I am so sorry I cant do the wedding...I REALLY wish I could***hint hint-change the date(JK-LOL)! Maybe I will be doing pics of your first baby down the road....LOL! Well, I really wanted to post your whole session on my blog, but that would be over 100 pics, so I can't, but it was sure hard to narrow down my favorites! Don't they look so cute and in love! Enjoy these and they will all be up online soon!


Gabe & Hannah said...

Oh- They are so cute- I just love them both!!! BTW- I printed out the birth I just have to glue and send! Thanks for doing them!


i love all those photos!!!