Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tucker Dwight

Don't you have to say his name with a little southern twang, I do...not sure why! I love his name though! Ok seriously, I have not seen this many wrinkles on a baby, check out his forehead-I just LOVE it! He looks like a handsome lil man! He was a good little guy and would let me place his legs any way I wanted to. (Boys are usually hard because there is more to hide and they love to spread them...LOL!) Isn't mom gorgeous, she too is a dear friend of mine! I have 3 good friends literally in a week or so time have their babies! Hope you like them! Enjoy, oh and he gave us a smile, so cute!

I had to add this one....Blake is always trying to get into my sessions for a quick pic....excuse his sloppy just "waking" up look/hair...Oh my! Or he has a crush on Zoey, but I love his face!!


The McFarland's said...

Oh my little man!!! :) They are awesome, you are just tooooo TALENTED!! Thanks for letting me get a sneak peek! :) Cant wait to share them with my family!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love TUCKER!!! Awesome pics!
Love, Hannah