Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brian + Cindy Wedding

What a beautiful and HAPPY Wedding! I honestly think this couple was the most "smiley" couple ever! They are just so happy-I love it and loved being around it! Their wedding was just beautiful and so sweet! They saw each other before the ceremony and it was a special moment with them and their son Andrew. It was really sweet and this wedding was all about Love, Hope, and Faith! Brian was just a hilarious groom, and sang to Cindy, he cared her and others than himself that day! Cindy was the same way too, but she had that twinkle in her eye all day she is so in LOVE with her new man! I honestly could go on and on, but here are a ton of pics and I hope you enjoy them!


Emily Whitehead said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome Heidi!!! Again so glad you did the pictures and were able to enjoy being part of the party. Thanks for all you did!! Great work!

Cinny and Bri-Bri...the love and joy just leap out of these pictures. You are so beautiful Cinny! Love y'all.

Leigh Ann Bagley said...

Beautiful! Almost like being there all over again!

Nicki B. said...

Beautiful people make beautiful pictures! Your dress is stunning!!!

Nicki, Whitney, Garrett, and HEath

Lorie, Amber & Lexi said...

The pictures are beautiful just like you Cindy! I'm glad we were there to share your special day.
Love you bunches!!

The Hamil Times said...

These are great pictures! I am so happy for you guys. Many blessings for your future together!
Love, Tasha Hamil