Monday, March 16, 2009

Lee & Elizabeth

Last week, I went down to Thomasville GA for a wedding, literally 30 minutes from Flordia and out in the middle of no where, but what a neat place! This couple wanted to take some "regular" clothes shots before their wedding, and Lee's cute grandpa drove us around this neat south Georgia town! There were so many cool places to go to: a HUGE old oak tree that was held up by wires, a house with no right angles & it had a door in literally EVERY room, and the cool parks & rose gardens(even though they weren't in bloom). Lee & Elizabeth were so cute and really itching to get married that afternoon, so here are some of their pre wedding photos, and the wedding will come soon! Oh, and she had to kiss the Frog to get her Prince!

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Eliz said...

Heidi you are the very best!!!