Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Man, I think this is the first one year old that kept me on my toes through the WHOLE session! We all were chasing him! Aidan is such a determined little running guy! He was for sure not scared of me or a new place, he would run up to my camera and get so close and stop, so I got a bunch of close ups...which are my favorites! I also love the look on his face where he is standing on the chair...Love it! His parents brought cake and balloons and I think he was the first to stand up while eating his cake and he was more interested in the balloons than the cake. But eventually he got into that yummy cake! He is such a sweetie and cutie! Hope you enjoy them mom!

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Kelly Adams said...


I love these pictures. They are wonderful. I think that you captured his personality in these pictures to a tee. I thnk that we have finally found a photographer that we will use again. Great job. Can't wait to see the rest.