Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Kaylin, what a cutie! When I first saw her I thought she was 3 years old, but no she is 2 and she is so TALL for her age-her parents are tall-taller than me!!! Kaylin was so shy at first and we had to get her out of the shell, but when she came out she was OUT and about! She had some energy that I just want to bottle up for myself! She would not stay in one place long enough for me to get a shot, she would run over to the spot we told her & said cheese and looked at me for 2 seconds and then she was done. She was so funny! So, we pull out the M & Ms and got her staying longer. Kaylin loved all my toys and things, she wanted to see everything! Well, thanks for coming and she is just so darling!! (Hope this is a good sneak peek for you mom!)


Kellie said...

My little girl is precious! I love the serious face in some of the pics!!

ashely said...

look at my niece sooo cute. those cheeks i could squeeze and that serious face:)shes such a little grownup