Friday, March 27, 2009

Avinash & Sahil

What handsome boys! WOWzers....check out their eyes! They are gorgeous young men aren't they! They were the easiest boys I have EVER photographed and this session was so quick! Avinash loves to read and is a very smart boy! He has a cool colorful bedspread and I love his color toned picture of his face on the wall. Sahil is Nintendo DS guru, he and my John John would get along great! He loves to play it and he too loves cars...his bedroom was decked out in it! They are just photogenic...thanks for having me!


The Roderick Family said...

I love all the pictures of people at their own houses. They are all so comfortable looking. You are so good!

DB said...

Your pictures all look amazing!! congrats on your growing business!- jessica buer