Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This little guy was almost a month old and I was afraid he would not sleep for me and make me work hard for my money! But he was actually a good lil guy. He was asleep and awake in many shots and would let me do what I need to do to him! He was great & so beautiful, like his MOM, love having pretty people to photogrpher!! Oh and the last baby was a "honeymoon" baby and Ethan is an "eharmony" baby...well, the couple meet on eharmony.com a while back, got married and now they have cute baby Ethan! So the commerical is correct eharmony.com "does work!" LOL! I love hearing those fun stories about the parents and how they met! What a cute family! Thanks for coming & congrats!!


MEL said...

He is ADORABLE! I love that bear hat, so creative and cute!

paula_bennett said...

Tracy, Chris and baby Ethan are very close great friends of my husband and I, along with being our neighbors! You did an amazing job on the pictures! Words can't express how amazing those pictures are! Just wonderful!

Paula Bennett

The Roderick Family said...

LOVE the Mario costume. You are so creative!