Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I LOVE this movie(we actually saw it in the theatre's)...this is my favorite DISNEY movie to date-it even beats my now #2 favorite movie, The Little Mermaid! WHY?

-Whoever thought of this story/idea was FREAKin creative

-Wall-E is the CUTEST robot EVER! every move he makes is just so cute and funny

-I love how Wall-E can't say "EVE" the right way

-A REALLY cute LOVE story!

-There's like no talking for the first 20+ minutes of the moview

-My kids LOVE it! Blake, will watch the first 30 minutes without moving(he is NOT a TV guy)

-Makes you think about the Earth and the way we live...take care of it & ourselves!

-I just smile and laugh through the whole movie, every time I watch it...hasn't gotten old yet

-AWESOME graphics

-Has a good & funny story to it-but also a good message

-The cutest music EVER, I bet the soundtrack is good

-And this is my favorite song in the movie....push play!

-But the one thing I HATE about the movie is that there is a roach in it that won't die (& I HATE roaches) and even the movie makes a roach look cute....YUCK!

RENT IT!!! or just BUY it if you have KIDS!


The Roderick Family said...

I have yet to see it, or have my kids watch it, but I am going to now. We love Cars because of you, so Wall-E is sure to be good too!

Mike and Wendy said...

The roach was a bit much for me at first, too. But now that I've seen it several times (thanks to my 3 year old) I can watch it without wanting to gag!
BTW, I'm the one who found your blog through the Cook's blog. I share your passion for photography though I'm far from professional!

Mike and Wendy said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I had a good laugh over your version of American Gothic from the Missy and James wedding! Too funny!

Jenny and Kelsey said...

Sounds pretty good....we'll have to check it out. OUR favorite cartoon movie that has just come out is Kung Fu Panda. LOVE!!!