Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

BOYS BOYS BOYS x3-Bryce, Ben, and Brenden-the youngest! Don't you just love their dark brown eyes...I love it! These brothers are so cute and competitive, like any brothers! The oldest was a GT fan and the 2 youngest were UGA fans, and I could feel some tension in the air when they changed into their sports shirts. But they were "men" about it and of course UGA came out on top and tackled GT to the ground!! Bryce & Ben were so well mannered and like many boys wanted to get it over with. Brenden was a HUGE HAM in front of the camera and would stick out his tongue on the side of his mouth quit a few times, but it was cute! These boys all loved their mom, who brought them and I could tell they are all mommas boys! Thanks for coming! Enjoy!

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