Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missy + James Wedding

This was a fun wedding! I have to saw I was excited to do this one since the day I meet the mom! Just a fun family & they are a Military Family too! It was so cute to see how close they are to each other and when Missy saw her dad for the first time she couldn't stop crying....well I think she cried through the whole first few hours of the wedding...JK! They had an Arch of Sabers(where they slap her on the butt and welcome her into the USA Army), which was a first for me, and really neat to watch! Missy was such a beautiful bride and picked a beautiful Church-First Baptist here in town. Her parents were actually married there about 30 years ago, so they came from Texas to do the same. She actually changed into her moms wedding dress in the middle of the reception which was really neat! It seemed to be a quick wedding but a long PARTY reception! They got crazy....LOL! These are a few of my faves! Enjoy! (I usually show a few, but there were so many good ones I couldn't decide!)

I got this same pic at the last wedding...LOL!

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JP said...

Looks like a FUN wedding! Awesome pics too!