Thursday, January 22, 2009


This little girl is such a doll! She was so serious for more than half the session. I don't know if I just looked scary to her, but she would not budge a smile...until the cake and toys came out, but dont you just love her tiara....little princess! She turns one at the end of the month and mom wanted to get this documented. Usually when we do first birthday shoots with the cake the parents stripe them down so they wont destroy their outfits, but Audrey was a lady and was so careful with her clothes. It was amazing! She is a cutie and thanks for coming! Happy Birthday! (oh, and I love her face in the cake pic and her showing her muscles in the other pic-so cute!)

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laura said...

These are too cute! I know she isn't smiling much, but you worked your magic....Thank you for making my little girl so cute!