Monday, May 4, 2009


Isn't he just a handsome guy! I love his name "William Turner"-like the Pirates of the Caribbean. LOL! I think Will looks like his oldest sister Emma, but in that picture of his hand on his chin...."he's thinking"....that just shows he will be just like his dad! He has a ton of hair's crazy! This family is dear to my heart and have been great friends to my family! I hope you enjoy them and thanks for coming over! Congrats!


Whitmire Family said...

Those are great! I am glad you got some good ones, I wasn't sure if you did b/c he wasn't being very cooperative! Thanks, Heidi...I LOVE them!

Clint and Mary said...

AHHHH! What a cutie...those turned out great! I LOVE his hair!

shelley said...

you are so talented. i usually check your blog once a week (sometimes every two) and am ALWAYS blown away by how stinking talkented you are!! wish you lived up here to take some pics of my cute girls! thanks for sharing your talent with us on the blog. you're an inspiration!!