Monday, May 11, 2009


I have the best boys EVER! Well, they do have their when I want to get a good Mother's Day picture for the family....but it didn't quit work out too well and went down like this....

It was right before bed time and I had this bright idea to try to take their pics! So, I bribed and begged and John did GREAT! Blake on the other hand, I found out he is not at that stage it didn't work so good for him-he was just getting more and more upset that I wouldn't open the candy. And I was trying to do it all by myself on top of that, which was hard to do! So here are the end results! I guess I am happy, they are funny....Maybe next time or when I get a helper to help me out they will be better!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Mother's Day! I sure did, I had a great day with my boys! I just LOVE them to death!


Clint and Mary said...

these are perfect...i love capturing the real moments!

Heidi said...

What sweet, cute boys you have!