Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tis the season for newborns!

I have had a few newborns lately, they were all so good! I had a girl, who was about 5 weeks and the others were boys and were less than 2 weeks old. All I have to say is that you HAVE to bring your babies less than 2 weeks old or have a sleeper like this little girl and you will have a AWESOME session! They all did so good!! Enjoy!


Gabe & Hannah said...

Love all the newby pictures...especially a certain "couple" of them...good are you doing? I feel like I have not talked to you in forever.

Steph and KO said...

You do such an amazing job, I love checking out all the new pics. You seem to be having fun with it which makes it more worth while!

Jeff and Kandis said...

great shots Heidi! You have been busy. I love the shower invite, so cute!!
Thanks for all your help