Friday, August 1, 2008

The Beach!

We had so much fun at Virginia Beach, it was a mini vaca, but much needed! We took that kids to the beach with the grandparents and then they took the kids home for the weekend and John and I got to spend alone time together! We actually saw a midnight movie, because we kids! We saw Hancock....Hillarious! It was fun! and really relaxing. So about the beach and the kids...Blake hated the water, sand, sun, pretty much the WHOLE thing....but John John LOVED it all of course. So we made half of the kids happy! Enjoy the pics and I want to go back ASAP!


Jeff and Kandis said...

John's hair, I don't think I have ever seen his hair that short. Now he's nice and COOL for school. Thanks for all your doing!

Amy said...

Cute pictures...looks like y'all had a fun trip! Poor Blake though...that pic was so sad, but cute at the same time! John John's haircut makes him look older!