Monday, June 2, 2008

Some from this past week....and a poor bird : (

Just wanted to share a few sessions from this week and a wedding. I have 3 wedding this month, so one down and 2 to go! I just love what I do, especially when I get some good looking clients!!!

Also a crazy story....I was taking pics of this senior downtown on the square and all the sudden I heard a thud and a bird was on the ground. The poor thing just flew right into the window of one of the shops and really hurt itself. It was out of it for a while, but I think a couple came and took it to the animal hospital because they were feeling bad that no one wanted to take care of it. I just didnt have room in my camera bag....LOL!!! I felt so bad for it and that is the 2nd time I have ever seen that in my life....crazy! Well, enjoy the pics!!


The Roderick Family said...

I love that you got a picture of the bird, very funny!

Gabe & Hannah said...

I do love seeing all the updates from the photo stuff....but where's some stuff on YOUR family...we need those updates too! :)