Monday, July 16, 2007

My Poor Baby!

Here are a few pics of our traumatic weekend. On Sunday John John was in his room playing and throwing toys.....of course. And then all of the sudden shatter and then screams! We jumped up and John John had blood all over him. It was a scary site, to see him sitting there with his face covered in blood and glass all around him. He had told us after he calmed down and the blood was stopping, he said "I threw the ball and the light broke-I'm sorry, but I am happy (with a huge smile and a huge gash in his lip)" crazy kid! So we went to the "Quick Care" and he had to get 3 stitches and 4 people had to hold him down. He kept saying "I am 3, so I get only 3 stitches." We were glad that it wasnt as bad as it could be! So, we tell him now that if he throws toys he has to go to the doctor and I dont think he will throw anything else.....hopefully! Oh, and this is his 2nd set of stitches in less than 2 years......hopefully it is not a pattern!

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Amy said...

Poor John John! I'm glad he's ok now! When we were at your house the other day he was throwing that little white plastic ball up at the living room fan. I told him not to do that b/c it might break...I guess he figured that out now (the hard way)! I feel bad for him that he had to get stitches! I'm just glad that it didn't get his eye or something. So he was lucky!