Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pee Wee TBall...end of the season(or Month)

We have had so much fun watching John play tball with his buddies. On day one he didnt care for it too much, but finally he use to it and now loves it. It is so much fun watching these 4-5 year olds play and all go for a ball and the drive they have at such a young age. We took the kids out to a local pizza place to celebrate their first tball experience! Here are a few pics of John and the season and his favorite and faithful fan who has been at every pratice/game....Blake! EnjoY!


Anonymous said...

cute pictures! it looks like it was fun. at least y'all get to play on a real field. here in utah they just play out in the grass at a park. give john-john a high five from his cousins!!

The Roderick Family said...

So much fun. What sport is next on the list?