Thursday, January 3, 2008

Merry "White" Christmas!

I am finally getting around to putting up our Christmas pics. We are finally unpacked and ready to get back to normal...if possible. We went to Wisconsin to visit family and we didnt realize we were going to have a White Christmas! It was snowing when we got there and when we left. It was so pretty and of course John John loved it-he really loves to sled! We had a great Christmas and John John got everything on his list from a toy car to mario brothers(t-shirt) and his Leapster he said he didnt want....but he wont put it down. He loves it!!

John's fmaily has a tradition of eating Corn beef and fried Shrimp for Christmas. I have to say it is nice to have something other than Ham or turkey and this year was really good! It was YUMMY!!!

We also went to downtown Chicago to see the sights and eat the famous Chicago Pizza. It is the best ever! It was so good and filling that you could really only eat 1 slice. It was YUMMY! Well, we probably gained so much weight, but we had a blast spending time with family and this was a great Christmas, even though some of us got sick!! Enjoy the Pics!

he got into it this year!!

John got the best gift....a pop up star wars book!!

So glad to see our new michael!

Look how happy John is.....Love it!

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